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Carpet Cleaning

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At Dasher’s Carpet Cleaning, in Omaha, NE
we know that stains are a real pain in the…carpet.

Joking aside, we understand that one major spill, or a number of small splashes, can make a whole room, or even whole office, look dingy. This is why we have an incredibly thorough procedure for carpet cleaning. We want to make sure your carpet matches universally throughout your space, both in look and feel. Our on-staff Master Textile Cleaner ensures all our processes meet or exceeds IICRC industry standards. This means our process won’t void your carpet manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

If you’re wondering ‘how can carpet cleaning have thorough processes?’—then you may have gotten subpar service in the past. We’re happy to relieve you of those bad memories and replace them with those of hardworking and exhaustive cleaners. We will make your rooms look new.

Inspection, Omaha, NE


Our cleaners will inspect your carpet and examine any stains and discuss how they should be properly treated. We want our customers to feel free to ask any questions during the inspection. Our team will even provide you with helpful tips on how to care for your carpet post cleaning.

Moving, Omaha, NE

Moving of Furniture

We will provide you with a quote for the carpet cleaning that includes the moving of smaller items in your home. Heavier items such as beds and dressers are kept in place. Should you want these heavy items moved, our technicians can give you a quote on the extra cost.

Vacuum, Omaha, NE


Our technicians will thoroughly vacuum all areas to be cleaned. The most effective way to remove dried soil in carpets is with a vacuum. If we do not properly vacuum the carpet, our detergents are trying to work out extra dirt.

Pre-spray, Omaha, NE


Before we start the hot water extraction of your carpet, we spray a customized for your needs, preconditioning agent that helps to break down any soil, or general spots, and allow for a better and more thorough cleaning.

Agitation, Omaha, NE


Our agitation doesn’t making anyone angry, this is just when we scrub in the pre-spray to help the cleaning process along.

Pre-Spot, Omaha, NE


Next, our technicians will use a special solution on any difficult spots to help remove them during the cleaning process.

Soil Extraction, Omaha, NE

Soil Extraction and Removal

Once the pre-spot remover has had time to get into the carpet, our technicians then thoroughly clean the carpet with high temperature water, and a powerful extraction cleaning system. We use softened and filtered water, as well as the best truck mounted equipment available on the market today.

Neutralizer, Omaha, NE


Our team makes sure that every carpet we clean is pH balanced so that no sticky residue is left behind once we are finished. Carpets are left feeling soft and fresh.

Post-spot, Omaha, NE


If there are any stains or spots still visible, they will receive an extra treatment with our variety of spotting solutions.

Post-groom, Omaha, NE


Our technicians will end the process by grooming your carpet. This process helps your carpet dry faster and dry in an upright position. Your carpet will not be left looking like a wet toupee!

Speed-drying, Omaha, NE

Speed Drying

For an additional charge, fans will be placed in areas to speed the drying process. These will remain in place and are the last items removed. Typical drying with our fan method is 1-2 hours. Some areas may be dry before we leave, but we’ll be sure to communicate when it is safe to walk on the carpet again.

Carpet Protector, Omaha, NE

Carpet Protectant

For an additional charge, we will add a carpet protectant to help you keep your carpet looking great for longer.

It is our mission and standard of service to provide our customers with focused professionals who keep our clients needs at the forefront of their actions. They are also fully English speaking, insured and bonded. We do not hire subcontractors, we only hire thoroughly vetted, janitorial professionals. Whether you have a three-person office, an entire complex with over 50 offices, or just need to make the fraternity or sorority house look good for parents’ weekend, we will make sure that it is done with 100% attention to detail.

If you’ve got a home, gym, church, office, or event space without any carpeting, check out our commercial janitorial and additional services! We are just as nit picky about those cleaning services as we are the carpets, we promise.

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